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After years as a graphic designer and social media marketer, I realized there was something missing. I wanted to take back control over my time; to take back control over my life.

And to make a difference in the world; to feel connected with the world.

My journey began when my partner and I immigrated to the UK in 2014. As you can imagine, full of dreams, full of hopes and full of ambitions to make a new life.

A life on our own terms.

What we couldn't possibly predict was that soon after, my partner would have a serious car accident. This was the day that would change our lives.

The day that brought me back to a very harsh reality. This would be the roughest life lesson I've ever had; I will never forget it.

Four hard years of struggle, depression and multiple breakdowns along the way.

But something was holding me up, something I didn't know back then, something which I'd be fighting for later on.

In 2017, I had a lucky break. I received a surplus of cash and decided to take a leap of faith, and signed up for a one year coaching program with Kendrick Jonas. Thank you Sir!

I knew I had to invest in myself, in order to succeed.

He helped me understand my current situation, he trusted me so I could take back control over my life.

I developed clarity as to what I needed to do to set up a profitable business. And I understood how I could help others to do the same. I knew what it meant to be an effective coach.

His saying became my credo: "Make Your Mess Your Message."

What I realized is that the hard times actually made me a better person, a better communicator, a better coach. I developed more empathy and understanding, I became a good listener; a person sincerely interested in helping others realize their dreams.

My mission now, is to help other coaches and consultants achieve their goals. To share my strategy for reaching out to everyday people, to start authentic conversations with them, connect with them, and in this way build a profitable coaching business.

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*Choose only if you feel ready to handle more clients!


“Pawel has been instrumental in making my website up and running.​ Helped me speed up with no worries, so I can continue with my business. I can't thank him enough..” 


  Sax, Consultant

*Choose only if you feel ready to handle more clients!