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Guess that you had a chance to meet me somewhere in Social Media or in our TRIBE 'Coach Mastermind Community'.

Didn't' you?

I'm Pawel and my Journey started when me and my partner immigrated to the UK looking for opportunities to make things happen. Full of dreams, full of hopes to make ourselves living on our own terms, didn't predict that soon after my partner will have a Car Accident which brutally going to bring me back on Earth to teach the roughest life lesson I will never forget. That was a harsh 4 years time, with depression and multiple breakdowns along the way.

But something was holding me up, something I didn't know back then, something which I'll be fighting for later on.

In 2017 finally got a surplus of cash and decided to take a leap of faith and signed up for 1 Year Coaching Program with my Coach Kendrick who helped me understand my current situation, he trusted me so I could take control over my life. Since then Coaching became the invaluable asset in the long run.


His saying became my Credo:  "Make Your Mess Your Message"


Do you remember "Pay It Forward" ?

My mission became to Pay It Forward by helping other Coaches and Consultants reach out to everyday people, support them like myself in gaining back control and making a huge impact in the world!


“Pawel has been instrumental in making my website up and running.​ Helped me speed up with no worries, so I can continue with my business. I can't thank him enough..” 


  Sax, Consultant